Syncing WooCommerce Orders | Troubleshoot

This article explains how to troubleshoot syncing WooCommerce orders when your store is connected via ShippingEasy's direct (REST) integration.

ShippingEasy queries your WooCommerce store on a recurring basis to find any new orders that need to be downloaded. Learn more about how WooCommerce works with ShippingEasy.

If your WooCommerce orders are not being sent to ShippingEasy, there are a few common causes.

Is your WooCommerce store connected to ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy requires a connection to your store to download orders. Go to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS to see if your store is connected. You will see a green "Connected" icon. If you see a red "Disconnected" icon instead, learn how to reconnect your store.

Are you running the minimum required versions of WooCommerce and WordPress?

The ShippingEasy REST integration requires:

  • WooCommerce version 3.0.x or higher
  • WordPress version 4.4 or higher
To see if you are meeting these minimum version requirements, type /wp-json/wc/v2 after your store URL. For example, If you receive an error, then you may not meet these minimum requirements.

Is the WooCommerce REST API enabled for your store?

Log into your WooCommerce store to make sure that the Rest API key is enabled.WC_Advanced_Rest_AddKey_MRK.png

See the steps to complete this process in the WooCommerce DOCS.

Do you have SSL enabled for your store?

ShippingEasy highly recommends enabling and using SSL for your store (HTTPS), as non-SSL connections (HTTP) may not work.  An SSL provides a secure and reliable connection to ShippingEasy.

  • If you have SSL on your site make sure the URL is instead of
  • If your website is at make sure you haven’t entered as the URL.

To learn more about setting up SSL for your WooCommerce site, read this article.

Have you provided ShippingEasy the full path to your WooCommerce store?

Sometimes the URL to the WooCommerce site is not the root URL for your website.  The WooCommerce store URL that you enter into ShippingEasy should be the root URL to your WordPress installation. In most cases, this will be something like  Sometimes the whole WordPress installation is installed in a subdirectory so the URL might be something like  or

Visit the WordPress dashboard Settings > General page and make sure that the WordPress Address URL matches WooCommerce Store URL you are using for your ShippingEasy WooCommerce store URL.

Is the connection to your server timing out?

Since WooCommerce stores are self-hosted, it's important to check that your server speed is fast enough. Slow sites may cause connections to time out.

Check the site speed at

ShippingEasy may not be able to download orders if the speed is slower than 200 ms.

Are your orders in a status that will sync with ShippingEasy?

Depending on how you have configured your accounts, ShippingEasy can sync all, some, or none of the following statuses:

  • pending
  • processing
  • on-hold
  • custom_1
  • custom_2
  • custom_3

Within ShippingEasy, you can choose which of these statuses will automatically sync. Find out which statuses you have selected to sync for your account.

Does the order have a shipping address?

ShippingEasy requires that orders have a shipping address to sync. Check the order in WooCommerce to see if there is both a 'billing' and 'shipping' address. If the 'shipping' address is missing, double-check how your shopping cart is configured to ensure that information is captured on orders that need to be shipped.

Did you just connect your store to ShippingEasy and have orders older than 14 days old?

Orders present when first integrating that are older than 14 days will not sync. These will need to be processed manually. Learn more.

Basic and higher accounts may want to reach out to ShippingEasy support, via the email, call or chat links in the top left corner of the app, for guidance if there are too many orders to practically enter manually.

Has your account been inactive?

If your account has been idle for 21 days on our Starter plan or 14 days on one of our paid plans (Basic and above), we will turn off the automatic order download option on your store. Learn more about changes made to an inactive account.

Have you disabled automatic order downloads?

You may have chosen to turn off your automatic order downloads. Doing so gives you maximum control over when ShippingEasy syncs your orders. Learn more about disabling automatic order downloads.

If your automatic order downloads have been turned off, you can manually sync your orders that were placed since ShippingEasy last downloaded your orders. From the ORDERS page, just click the Sync with Store button. Within 20 minutes, your missing orders will sync.

Are you using the JetPack plugin?

Using JetPack with WooCommerce has created known issues with order syncing. To correct this, you need to publicize the plugin by following these steps:


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