What is the error "You must agree to the latest Terms and Conditions to use this service"?

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Starting August 15th, 2017, USPS will handle under-paid and over-paid postage labels with their new Automated Package Verification (APV) system. Learn more about APV.

All online postage systems used for USPS labels are required to implement new Terms & Conditions to include the APV process. For ShippingEasy subscribers, we’ll display Endicia’s new Terms in the app starting August 2, 2017 so they’re easy to review and accept. 

NOTE: ShippingEasy partners with Endicia, a PC Postage provider, to generate and purchase USPS labels. It is sometimes referred to as the Endicia Label Server. 

If you've received the error message below, unfortunately you did not accepted Endicia's Terms & Conditions promptly. To ensure you're in accordance with the new USPS regulations, please accept the Terms. 



To accept Endicia's Terms & Conditions:

  1. Login to your Endicia account. Learn how to log into
    NOTE: ShippingEasy accounts created before September 20, 2017 have two separate Endicia accounts: one for International & Expedited shipments and the other for First Class shipments. These accounts have separate login credentials. Make sure to log into each account to confirm that the Terms and Conditions have been accepted. Learn more about Endicia.
  2. Once logged in, select Update Profile from the My Account tab. Then select General Terms and Conditions.
  3. This will take you to the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS page. Read through the updated Terms and Conditions and select the I Agree button to accept. 
  4. Complete these steps for your second Endicia account on your POSTAGE & CARRIERS page. You should see one Account ID for Endicia First Class Domestic and one Account ID for Endicia International and Expedited. Complete these steps for the second Account ID.
    NOTE: ShippingEasy accounts created after September 20, 2017 have a single Endicia account. Learn more about Endicia.

Once you've accepted the new Terms, you'll be able to create labels with the account again. To purchase and print the the label that originally failed, select the "Retry" button on the READY TO PRINT page. Learn more.


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