How to: Update Shopify App Permissions to import newsletter subscribers

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If your Shopify Store newsletter subscribers are not importing into Customer Management within ShippingEasy, the issue could be related to the permissions set on your Shopify store. 

In order for ShippingEasy to import newsletter subscribers from your Shopify store, permission must be granted to read the customer data from your store. To do this, your Shopify App Permissions will need to be updated first, then your store integration with ShippingEasy.

How to: Review your Shopify App Permissions

  1. Log into your Shopify store. 

  2. Select Apps in the bottom left corner of your account. 

  3. Locate the ShippingEasy application.  

  4. Select the View Details link. 

  5. Review the App Permissions and ensure that it matches those listed in the image below. 
    NOTE: you must ensure that ShippingEasy has access to modify the 'products, variants and collections' permission line. Read access is not sufficient for accessing your newsletter subscribers.

    If your ShippingEasy App Permissions do not match those listed above you will need to delete the ShippingEasy app and reconnect your store again via the ShippingEasy Store Settings page. 

How to: Update your Shopify store integration with ShippingEasy

  1. Select the X displayed next to the ShippingEasy App in your Shopify Apps. 

  2. Select Delete on the Remove ShippingEasy modal. 

  3. Go back to your ShippingEasy account, and click the SETTINGS tab from the navigation bar. 

  4. Under "INTEGRATIONS", click on STORES & ORDERS.

  5. Your Shopify store will now show as disconnected. Click Re-connect to re-activate your store. 

  6. Select Save to reconnect your store. 

  7. When you click Save, you'll be taken to Shopify. If you're not logged in, you'll be prompted to do so.

  8. Once logged in, Shopify will direct you to a screen titled "You're about to Install ShippingEasy Connect". Find the Install App button at the bottom of this screen and click it. 

You have now reconnected your store and granted ShippingEasy access to read customer data from your storeShippingEasy should now be able to import newsletter subscribers from Shopify. 


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