Release Notes thru 2017-07-25


  • The Chat icon that is used to launch a chat session with ShippingEasy support now indicates when chat support is online. When support is online, this icon will be blue, and will launch a chat session to the ShippingEasy Customer Success team when clicked. When chat support is offline, the chat icon will be gray and will indicate when chat support will be back online if you click the gray icon or hover over it with your mouse.
  • The export of a pick list as a CSV file has been changed to export all orders, not just the selected orders. This means that those who want to create a CSV with more than 200 orders can now do so - just filter the Orders page to the orders for the pick list and then select “Export Pick List CSV - All Orders” from the Pick & Pack drop down. 
  • Removed the QuickBooks add-on as an option for all customers who do not currently have ShippingEasy’s QuickBooks add-on. Customers who are currently using ShippingEasy’s integration for either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online will see no change. Our intent is to continue supporting existing customers who are using our QuickBooks integrations, but all new customers should instead use Webgility’s integration with ShippingEasy if they want to send order/shipment data from ShippingEasy to QuickBooks.
Inventory Management:
  • On the PRODUCTS page, added a new option to download either all products or just the products that are marked as “Active” in the Products catalog. 
Customer Management:
  • The campaign email templates provided as part of Customer Management are now categorized: Sales & Discounts, Newsletter, Seasonal & Holiday, and Welcome & Follow-ups. Note that a template can be in more than one category. There is a drop-down list at the top of the page - the default is to display the templates from all categories. 
  • Added three additional “Thank You” email templates for Customer Management as well as additional “Thank You” images in the default image gallery. 
  • On the Customer Management campaign results page, the label for “Total Recipients Reached” is now a clickable link to the page that displays the Customer List used for the campaign.
  • Made the display of the “allows marketing” option the same for accounts that do not have Customer Management enabled as for those that do.
  • When uploading a CSV file of customer data - either postal addresses or email addresses, display as required (with asterisks) only the fields that are actually required.
  • Resolved an issue where the count of customers contained in a Customer Management list was not always correct. 
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