What is Stock Allocation?

This feature is available to existing Inventory Management subscribers. Learn more about using the ShippingEasy Product Catalog.

ShippingEasy's Inventory Management allows you to allocate stock to your oldest orders first. By allocating stock to your unshipped orders you can prioritize which orders are shipped, and ensure that you are only printing a shipping label for orders with enough inventory to fulfill all items in the order. ShippingEasy helps you to be certain you have enough inventory to get your orders out the door! 

In ShippingEasy an order is either fully allocated or unallocated. You can't partially allocate an order. You should only ship orders that are allocated as this means that you have enough inventory in stock to ship all items in the order. Learn how to allocate stock to your orders

If you happen to oversell a product, ShippingEasy won't have enough inventory to allocate all of your orders. In this instance, priority will be given to your oldest orders first. If you're interested in prioritizing your orders based on something other than, or in addition to order age, please share your feedback.



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