Release Notes thru 2017-07-18


Customer Management:
  • One-click Customer List creation from the results of a Campaign. This makes it easy for a merchant while looking at the results of a Campaign to just click on one of the numbers, for example “412 Opened” and immediately create a new list that only includes the Customers that fall into that category. So if there were 412 who opened the email, the new list would have 412 entries. The new list can be then be used to re-target in a follow-up Campaign. 


  • When configuring a WooCommerce store in ShippingEasy, we will attempt to use HTTPS (even if HTTP is specified) and the full path specified in the store URL (not just the domain) when establishing communication with the WooCommerce store.
  • Corrected an issue where order total could be calculated incorrectly for a Magento 2 order.
Inventory Management:
  • Do not allow multiple variant groups in the Products catalog to have the same description.
Customer Management:
  • At the end of the customer CSV upload process in Customer Management, display the ALL CUSTOMERS page. Note that if the CSV upload was of customer addresses, the page displayed is the same as before: the CUSTOMER ADDRESSES page.
  • Added a checkbox for customers on their individual detail page in Customer Management who are receiving marketing emails. Unchecking the box will permanently opt the customer out of marketing emails (the exact same result that occurs when a customer clicks the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a campaign email).
  • Resolved an issue where some filters did not always get reset on the ALL CUSTOMERS page.
  • Resolved an issue with link to create a new customer list from the ALL CUSTOMERS page.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple test emails were sent for a Customer Management campaign.


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