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Whether a campaign is sent immediately or scheduled for a designated day and time, the actual delivery rate of the campaign can vary. ShippingEasy strives to deliver your campaign to your entire list within two hours or less, where the delivery time depends on several factors that are common and important to all email marketing platforms:

  • the sending server's reputation
  • the campaign’s content
  • the campaign's recipients
  • the size of the campaign's email list
  • the current email queue 

ShippingEasy’s sending reputation directly affects the delivery of your emails. If our server’s IP address is flagged by spam filters, receiving servers will block emails from our address. Therefore, we work hard to preserve our good sending reputation, sometimes resulting in a delay of up to two hours while we work to avoid sending email to spamtraps, abuse complaints and hard bounces - all of which can degrade our server sending reputation.

Additionally, receiving servers analyze email content and sender information before allowing email to reach recipients. Most receiving servers have sophisticated algorithms, spam filters and firewalls in place that can delay or prevent delivery, which is beyond ShippingEasy’s control. If something in your campaign triggers a spam filter, it will likely delay delivery while it performs further analysis, but generally, multiple spam triggers are required for email to get filtered as spam.

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