Release Notes thru 2017-07-11


Customer Management:
  • Added new back-to-school templates in the gallery of campaign templates: one fashion template and one snack template.


  • Added “Unit Wholesale Price” to the Product Sales reports. 
  • Shifted the “Gross Profit” column in the shipping margin reports to the right of the “Order Total” column. 
  • Put in a fix to prevent the purchase of shipment insurance for QuickShip return labels for users who have their insurance settings configured to automatically apply insurance to their shipments. 
  • Resolved an issue where shipment reports refer to the old destination city and state for a recipient’s address when the recipient address is changed on the READY TO SHIP page. 
  • Updated the Volusion store integration to apply the time zone set in the ShippingEasy account to the order date on incoming orders rather than using the UTC time zone. 
  • Resolved an issue that can result in HTML tags being placed in the product description on packing slips for Volusion orders.
Inventory Management:
  • Will no longer display the Supplier filter or the “Create Purchase Order” button in the product catalog if the customer is not subscribed to Inventory Management.
Customer Management:
  • Added the ability to purchase larger bundles of email credits for campaigns. When you attempt to send a campaign, but lack the necessary email credits to cover all the customers on the campaign email list, you’ll now have the option to buy larger email bundles at a discount. We’ve added the following additional bundle sizes: 10,000 credits, 25,000 credits, 50,000 credits and 100,000 credits.
  • Fixed an issue with buyer status updates from manual orders. A buyer status was not being updated to ‘repeat buyer’ on the second order when the buyers were entered in manual orders. 
  • Optimized emails to remain mobile-friendly after replacing a campaign template header image in the campaign editor. 
  • Resolved a rare condition that stops the process that builds out the ALL CUSTOMERS page when a customer activates the Customer Management add-on. 


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