Benefits of Using ShippingEasy's New WooCommerce Store Integration

ShippingEasy released a new store integration for WooCommerce in July of 2017 that we refer to as the direct WooCommerce store integration.  This new store integration has support for the same features available in our legacy store integration and offers additional advanced functionality.  

This new integration uses the WooCommerce API and therefore requires WooCommerce version 3.0.x or later and WordPress 4.4 or higher.

Why Should I Update my WooCommerce Store Integration?

Our legacy WooCommerce store integration is being depreciated, so all future feature development within ShippingEasy for our WooCommerce will only be done for this new direct WooCommerce store integration.

Another key benefit of migrating to this newer direct WooCommerce store integration is the ability to leverage ShippingEasy's inventory management features in order to manage inventory at your WooCommerce stores and across other sales channels you might be using in addition to your WooCommerce websites.  To learn more about ShippingEasy's inventory management feature set and how to enable it, read "What is the Inventory Management integration?"  

This newer store integration also increases communication reliability and control between ShippingEasy and your WooCommerce store through the use of the WooCommerce REST API.

How do I migrate my legacy WooCommerce store integration to the new one?

To learn how to migrate to the new direct WooCommerce store integration in ShippingEasy, read "How to: Migrate to ShippingEasy's new WooCommerce Store Integration"


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