Release Notes thru 2017-06-27


  • Buy and print both a shipping label and the corresponding packing slip with one click! With this new feature you can, for example, print regular 4x6 labels and 8x11 packing slips simultaneously to two different printers. The feature is available for both Buy & Print on the ORDERS page and on READY TO SHIP.
    • Updated Buy & Print to reflect new printing capabilities. When Buy & Print is selected on the orders page, there will be a check box displayed at the bottom that adds the printing of the packing slips. Note that ShippingEasy “remembers” that you checked the box and will default the option to checked in the future.
    • On READY TO SHIP, the Print Now button now also displays an arrow. Clicking “Print Now” works as it always has - just the label is printed. Clicking the arrow displays a menu where you can select to print either the label or the label and packing slip. Note that for the new feature to work on READY TO SHIP, the Print Now button must be enabled and it is only enabled when ConnectEasy is in use.
    • See our new Knowledge Base Article: How to: Buy and print Labels and Packing Slips Simultaneously
  • Added support for Amazon Custom. When a merchant uses Amazon Custom to offer personalized options to the buyer (engraving, monogramming, etc), Amazon records the buyer’s selections and makes the information available with the order. ShippingEasy will add that customization data to the product options, so if the “display product options” box is checked in the ShippingEasy store settings, then the Amazon Custom data will be displayed on the orders page, pick list, and packing slips. 
Customer Management:
  • Added stock images (“Free Shipping!” etc) to the image gallery in the Customer Management editor. These stock images will appear after any images added to the image gallery. The stock images are available for use royalty-free by all ShippingEasy customers.


  • Shipments that are created using Buy & Print from the ORDERS page will now be assigned a “batch” identifier. This will be helpful when searching for orders purchased at the same time on the orders page. Note that the batch ID assigned will always end with the letter ‘P'.
  • Updated the Stitch Labs integration to not populate the Custom Field 1 value on a Stitch Labs order if Stitch Labs did not include a warehouse assignment for the order. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Buy & Print window did not properly display the total quantity or the total cost when purchasing both domestic and international labels. 
Inventory Management:
  • Product options will be included for SKUs created in the product catalog from an Etsy order.  
  • Only one email will send when products are imported from a Magento v2.x store to the product catalog.
  • Committed stock will be released when a subsequent order sync detects that a Shopify order was “voided” in the Shopify store.
Customer Management:
  • Added a new button labeled View Email Campaigns on the Customer Management page that displays the details for a specific customer. Clicking the button displays a list of all campaigns that included that customer. Clicking the link for a campaign displays the results page for that campaign. 
  • Added new templates in the gallery of campaign templates.
  • Resolved an issue where the Customer Management email was displaying a blank preview when using Edge v15 or IE v11 browsers.
  • Updated to not change status of an existing customer to “prospect” as a result of upload from CSV.
  • Updated to not insert cell border when doing a preview using the Customer Management editor. 


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