Import WooCommerce Product SKUs and Stock Levels | Overview

ShippingEasy can import your products and product variation SKUs directly from your WooCommerce store and add them to your Products catalog in ShippingEasy. This is a great way to update your Products and stock levels quickly! When you choose to Import Products from your WooCommerce store, ShippingEasy will take care of the following:

  • Add any SKUs that are not already included in your ShippingEasy Products catalog.
  • Set the initial stock level for newly added SKUs. These stock levels will match those in your WooCommerce store.
  • If you have products with variation SKUs, create the parent product and any corresponding variations. 

Learn how to import your WooCommerce Product SKUs, Variants, and Stock levels to ShippingEasy.

There are a few instances in which ShippingEasy will not import your WooCommerce Products:

The ShippingEasy WooCommerce Legacy store integration will not support inventory management.

Only the new direct WooCommerce store integration that does NOT require a WooCommerce ShippingEasy plugin (released in July 2017) supports inventory management for WooCommerce stores.

ShippingEasy will not import all WooCommerce product types.

Products with types "Grouped" or "External" will not be imported.  All other product types will be imported IF they have a SKU and their "Manage Stock" setting is checked.  Variations on variable products must also have their own SKU and have their "Manage Stock" setting checked as well. 


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