Release Notes thru 2017-07-13


  • Added a new label layout option for international shipments: peel-off 4x6 label on an 8x11 page where the bottom half of the page displays the packing slip (Avery 5127). This format has always been available for domestic shipments and is now available for international shipments as well. Note that using it with a carrier/service combination that prints a multi-part shipping label (USPS international Priority Mail, for example) is expensive - multiple pages are printed. 
Inventory Management:
  • Added support for stock level updates for Magento 2.1 integrations, when Inventory management is enabled. As Magento 2.1 orders are received, stock levels are updated within ShippingEasy. In addition, ShippingEasy can update Magento 2.1 stores with stock level changes. Learn more about enabling inventory tracking for Magento 2.1.


  • Updated the list of countries that DHL Express does and does not support for paperless customs data submission. 
  • Updated to not override the order weight that was set by a shipping rule action if the order line items are subsequently edited. 
  • Corrected sales tax calculation on Volusion orders.
  • Updated to not allow assignment via shipping rule action of a saved carrier selection that does not have an Amazon carrier to an Amazon Prime order. 
  • Display rate quote on the Orders page for an Amazon Prime order if a valid saved carrier selection was assigned to the order via a shipping rule action. 
  • Updated order processing to remove line items from Magento 2.1 orders that contain downloadable or virtual products.
  • Filter out Magento 2 order line items that contain downloadable and virtual products. Added filter to Magento 2 order line to filter out items that contain downloadable and virtual products.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue with orders that are automatically cleared from ShippingEasy for the following store types; 3dcart, AmeriCommerce (SparkPay), BigCommerce single-click install (Canvas), Sears, Solid Commerce, Storenvy, and Magento v1.x. Now, the stock is correctly moved from Committed and back to Available in all instances.
Customer Management:
  • Starter plan customers can add Customer Management to their ShippingEasy subscription. Price is $3/month and includes 500 email credits. 
  • Updated the text in the three email campaign templates that are designed for use by LuLaRoe consultants to include language that brings the content in line with LuLaRoe corporate email requirements. 
  • Removed ShippingEasy’s postal address from the example content provided in all campaign email templates. The default store address is always displayed in the footer of the email message (outside of the email content that comes from the template) - this is for compliance with spam legislation.
  • Changed the label from “Submit” to “Save” on the button that displays when editing the name of an email campaign.
  • Added fix to not double count clicks made by a single recipient on a URL in a campaign email. 


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