Can I import my Magento 2.1 Product SKUs and Stock levels?

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Yes! ShippingEasy can now import your Products and Variant SKUs directly from your Magento 2.1 store and add them to your Products catalog in ShippingEasy. This is a great way to update your Products and stock levels quickly! When you choose to Import Products from your Magento store, ShippingEasy will take care of the following:

  • Add any SKUs that are not already included in your ShippingEasy Products catalog.
  • Set the initial stock level for newly added SKUs. These stock levels will match those in your Magento store.
  • If you have configurable products with defined configurations, create the parent Product and any corresponding configurations/variants. 

ShippingEasy can only import some Products from your Magento 2.1 store:

ShippingEasy will only import "Enabled" products.  Additionally, products of product type "grouped product" or "bundled product" will not be imported, as these particular product types do not have a quantity associated with them.

Learn how to import your Magento 2.1 Product SKUs, Variants, and Stock levels to ShippingEasy.


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