Reactivate a cancelled ShippingEasy subscription | How To

If you previously cancelled your ShippingEasy subscription, then decided to reactivate your subscription, we're happy to have you back! We've put together this guide to make it easy for you to get started again. Follow these steps to reactivate your account.

To reactivate your ShippingEasy account:

  1. Review your subscription options. Check out these links for the full information about
    each options:
  2. Next, email us at with the following:
    • Your name
    • Your company name
    • The email address used to log into your account
    • The subscription type you would like to have your account reactivated on.
      NOTE: you will be billed as soon as the account is reactivated. Be sure you fully check into your options and give us the correct plan type in your email.

Once you hear back from the Billing Team that your account has been reactivated, please double check your settings within ShippingEasy including the following:

Subscription & Billing

Review your payment method and update as needed. Steps for updating your payment method along with information about what you are billed for in ShippingEasy and when can be found in the articles linked below:


If you see an old carrier account listed then you should remove it: If your previous postage account was closed, then you can open a new postage account: If your previous postage account was just disconnected (not closed), then you can attempt to re-connect it: If you had UPS or FedEx accounts connected before and they are showing as disconnected now, then you can connect them again:


Re-connect stores and turn automatic order downloads back on: Ship From address:
Double check your Ship From address and make any required edits:


Confirm that your previous label settings still apply or adjust as needed:


If you use ConnectEasy, check to confirm your printer settings are still correct:


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