Release Notes thru 2017-06-06


  • Added a new store type: GeekSeller. Please note that GeekSeller provides the support and documentation for this integration.
  • Added a new store type: FarApp for NetSuite. Please note that FarApp provides the support and documentation for this integration.


  • Modified our Magento 2.1.x support to use a new Magento API that sets the status of an order to “Complete” in Magento when all line items on the order have been shipped (valid for versions 2.1.3 and up).
  • Added support for Etsy’s old method of defining product option data. Even though this data should be retrieved via a new method, we have seen some product listings still rely on the old method.
  • Updated the FAQ links displayed on the CSV products upload page, including a new link to a video that demonstrates how to upload products.
  • Updated the FAQ links displayed on the CSV order upload page, including a new link to a video that demonstrates how to upload orders.
  • Updated the first two links in the Orders page banner displayed on new LuLaRoe accounts. The links for label setup and uploading orders via CSV now point to the appropriate pages within ShippingEasy instead redirecting to Knowledge Base articles.
  • Corrected the default callback URL on the Zenventory store type.
  • Removed the Advanced View option on the Shipment history and SCAN form pages.
  • Resolved an issue with the list of options displayed in the “Set confirmation option” shipping rule action.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the Products CSV upload process to prevent negative values from being added for the Declared Value and Wholesale Price columns.
  • Corrected the calculation of the Total Wholesale Price in the Shipped Product Sales report.
  • Corrected the name displayed for “Wholesale Price” on the product add and edit pages.
  • Resolved an issue with orders that are automatically cleared from ShippingEasy for the following store types; BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, and ChannelAdvisor. Now, the stock is correctly moved from Committed and back to Available.
Customer Management:
  • If a scheduled campaign's email list size has grown by the scheduled send date and the customer no longer has enough email credits, the campaign will be put on hold and the customer will be able to remove the excess buyer emails so that the campaign can be sent without requiring the purchase of additional email credits.
  • Modified text displayed when a campaign is scheduled to more clearly describe the exact date/time that the emails will be sent.
  • Enhanced support for deleted scheduled campaigns to credit back to the customer's account the email credits that were debited for that campaign.
  • Enhanced support for rescheduled campaigns to only debit the number of email credits necessary to cover any difference in the size of the customer list, instead of the total size of the customer list.
  • Maintain alignment when a default image in an email template is replaced with a new image.
  • Resolved an issue with the date/time picker used for scheduling campaigns that prevented selecting the current date after a certain time of day.
  • Resolved an issue with being unable to schedule an email campaign to be sent 15 minutes in the future.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue where customers were not displayed for a selected Customer List.


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