Release Notes thru 2017-05-31


  • Added new Shipping Rule Condition: Total Expanded Quantity. This is for customers who use bundles and want to check for the quantity of the component SKUs within each bundle in order to categorize orders a specific way.
  • Added new packing slip variable: total_expanded_quantity which is those who use bundles and want to display the quantity of the component SKUs within each bundle on their packing slip.
Inventory Management:
  • Added support for stock level updates for Etsy integrations, when Inventory management is enabled. As Etsy orders are received, stock levels are updated within ShippingEasy. In addition, ShippingEasy can update Etsy stores with stock level changes. Learn more about enabling inventory tracking for Etsy.
  • Added ability to Import Products from Etsy stores. Now, merchants can more quickly update their Product catalogs with their Etsy listings. Learn more.


  • Improved the Stitch Labs integration so that for orders that originate on Shopify, our integration will read and display the correct data from Stitch Labs so that the custom product options from Shopify are shown in ShippingEasy.
  • Corrected the display of the print status for large batches (more than 150 shipments) on Ready to Print after the batch has been printed.
Inventory Management:
  • Added support for Wholesale Price to the product catalog CSV upload process.
  • Added support for Wholesale Price to the Complete Shipment, Shipment Margin, and Product Sales reports.
  • Improved support for use of more than 100 product tags.
Customer Management:
  • Updated Customer Management to prevent scheduled campaign emails to send if Customer Management is removed or the ShippingEasy account has been cancelled.


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