Release Notes thru 2017-05-23

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  • Added a new version of the ORDERS page that displays just a core set of user interface controls. To activate this page, there is a new toggle on the ORDERS page (on the left, below the filters) to turn Advanced View on or off. 
Inventory Management:
Customer Management:
  • Email marketing is now LIVE with Customer Management. Design, target and schedule an email message to specific buyers or prospects and then track the results (deliveries, bounces, clicks, etc).
  • The CAMPAIGNS page lists all campaigns and displays a status for each. For campaigns that have been sent, top level statistics are shown (total emails, deliveries, bounces, etc).
  • The top-level page for CUSTOMER LISTS displays all Customer Lists along with number of entries on each list and the date and Campaign in which the Customer List was last used.
  • Added a new workflow to create and edit a Campaign. Learn more about creating and editing campaigns.
  • Added a new page that displays the detailed results of a Campaign. Track email delivery, opens, etc. after the email has been sent. Reporting also includes a list of any links that were included in the email along with number of clicks per link.
  • Added a new Shipping Rule condition to check Customer Status which makes it easy to categorize orders from new or repeat customers.
  • Added a new Shipping Rule condition to check for the presence of a Customer Tag which makes it easy to categorize orders from specific customer segments. There is also a new Shipping Rule action to tag a customer so that customers can be segmented automatically.
  • There are 21 new Knowledge Base articles - all of which are under one of these sections:
  • Added access for all of ShippingEasy’s customers to a list of their buyers from the past 120 days on the ALL CUSTOMERS page, providing an easy way to view and filter buyer data. Additional features are available with our Customer Management add-on.
  • Added access for all of ShippingEasy’s customers to a page for each of their buyers from the past 120 days. The page shows information about the buyer along with a list of their orders. Additional features are available with our Customer Management add-on.


  • Resolved an issue where re-running Shipping Rules reset the internal date used for tracking when an order was created in ShippingEasy. 
Inventory Management:
  • New value added for each entry in the Products catalog: Wholesale Price.
  • New optional column added when uploading a CSV to the product catalog: Adjust Stock. The CSV can specify a quantity for Adjusted Stock or Stock, but not both. To add or subtract stock, specify a positive or negative number in the Adjust Stock column.
Customer Management:
  • Updated CUSTOMERS button in the top-level blue navigation bar. It will now display a Customer Management dashboard instead of the list of customers (the list of customers is now shown on the All Customers page). If Customer Management has been added, three graphs of total revenue, average order size, and number of new buyers is displayed along along with buttons to navigate immediately to the customer lists page or the campaign creation page.
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