How to: Export my Customers from LuLaRoe / BLESS

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ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing tool helps you to identify and segment your customers. Use this insight to create email marketing campaigns, track purchase history, and grow your sales - all in one spot. Learn more.

IMPORTANT: before sending marketing emails, review the terms of service on your store or platform to ensure your compliance. 

To take full advantage of the Customer Marketing email marketing tools, you will want to save your customers to ShippingEasy. Start by exporting your customer information from Bless. Then upload the data to ShippingEasy. 

To export your customers from the Bless system:

  1. Log into the Bless website.
  2. Click on Orders from the navigation toolbar at the top: 


  3. Select the Export to CSV option.
  4. After exporting to CSV, you will need to check that all columns have text in the first row. Column K and L will download with blank headers. Any column with a blank header will cause formatting problems when you attempt to upload to ShippingEasy.


    You will need to remove or populate these blank columns otherwise they will cause formatting problems when you attempt to upload to ShippingEasy. You can either delete columns K and L, or populate each with text (such as the letters 'K' and 'L' respectively).

  5. Once the blank column headers have been resolved, re-save as a .csv file. Learn more about saving CSV files.

  6. When your customer CSV file is ready, you can upload it to ShippingEasy. Learn how to upload a CSV file of Customer information to ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing database.

If you need help exporting your customers from Bless, please reach out to Bless support.
If you need assistance uploading your file to ShippingEasy, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team.
  • Paid subscribers (Basic and above plans) will see links to email, call, or chat in the upper left corner in app.

  • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our Customer Success team will be happy to assist.


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