How to: Filter Campaigns

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Filtering your campaigns on the CAMPAIGNS page allows you to easily and quickly view and group campaigns by specific criteria. For example, you may wish to view all campaigns that have been scheduled but not yet sent.

Follow these steps to filter your campaigns:

  1. Click the CUSTOMERS tab in the blue navigation menu and select CAMPAIGNS from the drop down menu.


  2. There are 2 cells to help you filter and find specific campaigns. These cells are drop-down menus that contain check boxes that will filter your campaigns.


Each of the filters provides a different set of values, as described below:

Campaign Status


  • Draft - The campaign has been created, but not yet scheduled to be sent.
  • Scheduled - The campaign has been scheduled but no emails have been sent yet.
  • In Progress - Emails for the campaign are being sent. This process can take a while, depending on the number of recipients
  • Complete - All emails for the campaign have been sent.
  • On Hold - The campaign could not be sent or scheduled to be sent because your ShippingEasy account did not have an adequate number of email credits.
  • Flagged - Sending of campaign emails was stopped because of a high number of spam reports by the recipients of the emails that were sent.
Created Date 
Enter a start and end date for campaigns created during that period.


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