How to: Filter Campaigns

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Filtering your Campaigns helps you to view and group Campaigns by specific criteria. Campaigns can be filtered by status and created date.

Here are a few ways that you might use Campaign filters:

  • View all Campaigns that have been Scheduled, but not yet sent.
  • Find Campaigns that need to be scrutinized because they have been Flagged as spam by many recipients.
  • Review Automated Campaigns that have been Paused to determine if they're ready to resume again.
  • Clean up the queue by reviewing all the Drafts and decide if they should be sent or deleted.

To filter your Campaigns:

  1. From the blue navigation menu, click the MARKETING tab and select NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS from the drop down menu.


    There are 2 cells to help you filter and find specific campaigns. These cells are drop-down menus that contain check boxes that will filter your campaigns.

    Each of the filters provides a different set of values.

    Campaign Status


    • Draft: The campaign has been created, but not yet scheduled to be sent.

    • In Progress: Emails for the campaign are being sent. This process can take a while, depending on the number of recipients

    • Scheduled: The campaign has been scheduled but no emails have been sent yet.

    • Flagged: Sending of campaign emails was stopped because of a high number of spam reports by the recipients of the emails that were sent.

    • Complete: All emails for the campaign have been sent.

    • On Hold: The campaign could not be sent or scheduled to be sent because your ShippingEasy account did not have an adequate number of email credits.

    • Paused: The Automated Campaign has been setup, but is not being actively sent at the moment.

    • Active: The Automated Campaign is "on" and being dripped to qualifying customers.

    Created Date


    Use this to see only Campaigns created during a certain time period. Enter a start date in the From field and end date in the To field.


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