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When you are creating or editing a Campaign template, you can optimize it across different types of viewing devices. ShippingEasy makes it easy to preview how the email will be displayed on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

To begin, navigate to the Campaign editor page.

How to: Navigate to the Campaign editor page

  1. From the navigation menu, expand the MARKETING tab and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS.

  2. On the CAMPAIGNS page, use the filters to the left to select campaigns still in draft.
  3. Locate the template you will use for the Automated Campaign. Click the template name.

Once you are on the Campaign editor page, you can preview your campaign across devices.

To preview a Campaign template:

  1. Finish up any editing on your Campaign.
  2. Click the Preview button in the upper-right section of the page.
  3. On the PREVIEW page, click any of the three tabs: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. Each displays the email as it will appear in a typical email program on these devices.
  4. You can also select "Send Test" to receive a test email.
  5. Enter the email you'd like to receive the test email at

    For Automated Campaigns:
    If any store-specific variables have been used, you can view how the message will appear when being sent from a specific store. Select that store in the modal and then enter the email to send the test campaign to.
  6. Select Send Test.

From here, you can continue editing, save the template, or send it. Check out the links below for more information.



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