How to: Delete a Campaign

It's always nice to keep a clutter-free workspace. This includes your Campaigns, too! If you have Campaigns that you don't plan to send - you can delete them.

NOTE: A Campaign can only be deleted if it has a status of Draft or Scheduled. Learn about statuses.
To suspend an Automated Campaign, you can pause it instead. Learn how to pause a Campaign.

To delete a Campaign:

  1. From the blue navigation bar, expand the MARKETING tab and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS from the drop-down menu.
  2. To the right of the list of each Campaign, there will be an Actions dropdown and option to delete for any campaign that can be deleted. If there's no option to delete, then the Campaign is in a status that cannot be deleted. Select "Delete" to delete a Campaign.
  3. Deleting a Campaign is permanent. To be sure that you don't make a mistake, you will be asked to confirm this action. Click Confirm to proceed with deleting the Campaign.

That's it! Your list of Campaigns is a little lighter now. For ideas about what to do next, check out the articles below.

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