How to: Delete a Campaign

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It's always nice to keep a clutter free work space. This includes your Campaigns, too! If you have Campaigns that you don't plan to send - you can deleted them.

NOTE: A Campaign can only be deleted if it has a status of Draft or Scheduled. Learn about statuses.
To suspend an Automated Campaign, you can pause it instead. Learn how to pause a Campaign.

To delete a Campaign:

  1. From the blue navigation bar, expand the CUSTOMERS tab and select CAMPAIGNS from the drop down menu.


  2. The list of Campaigns contains an X icon next to each Campaign that can be deleted. If there's no X, then the Campaign is in a status that cannot be deleted. Click the X to delete a Campaign.

  3. Deleting a Campaign is permanent. To be sure that you don't make a mistake, you will be asked to confirm this action. Click OK to proceed with deleting the Campaign.

That's it! Your list of Campaigns is a little lighter now. For ideas about what to do next, check out the articles below.


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