How to: Check the status of a Campaign

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Follow these steps to check the status of a campaign.

  1. Click the CUSTOMERS tab in the blue navigation menu and select CAMPAIGNS from the drop down menu.


  2. The list of campaigns contains a status for each campaign.

The status values are:

Draft - The campaign has been created, but not yet scheduled to be sent.

Scheduled - The campaign has been scheduled but no emails have been sent yet.

In Progress - Emails for the campaign are being sent. This process can take a while, depending on the number of recipients.

Complete - All emails for the campaign have been sent.

On Hold - The campaign could not be sent or scheduled to be sent because your ShippingEasy account did not have an adequate number of email credits.

Flagged - Sending of campaign emails was stopped because of a high number of spam reports by the recipients of the emails that were sent.



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