How to: Check the status of a Campaign

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Between One-Time Campaigns and Automated Campaigns, there are so many ways to leverage email marketing in ShippingEasy! To stay on top of your Campaigns, you'll want to check on their statuses.

To check the status of a Campaign:

  1. From the blue navigation menu, expand the MARKETING tab and select NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS from the drop down menu.
  2. The list of Campaigns contains a "Status" for each Campaign.
    Draft The Campaign has been created, but not yet scheduled to be sent.
    Scheduled  The Campaign has been scheduled but no emails have been sent yet.
    In Progress Emails for the Campaign are being sent. This process can take a while, depending on the number of recipients.
    Paused The Automated Campaign has been setup, but is not being actively sent at the moment.
    Active The Automated Campaign is "on" and being dripped to qualifying customers.
    Complete  All emails for the One-Time Campaign have been sent.
    On Hold The Campaign could not be sent or scheduled to be sent because your ShippingEasy account did not have an adequate number of email credits.
    Flagged Sending of Campaign emails was stopped because of a high number of spam reports by the recipients of the emails that were sent.

  3. Use the status to help decide what action to take next:


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