Release Notes thru 2017-05-16


  • Improved support for invalid addresses that are marked “use anyway” to make it easier to identify the addresses that have been accepted. These are now shown with a different icon: a yellow triangle (instead of red). There is also a new entry in the ORDERS page Address Type filter to make these orders easy to find: “Invalid Accepted Address.” 
  • Resolved issue where attempting to filter by more than one SKU on the ORDERS page led to an error message. 
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the inventory system to treat orders that are un-shippable (for example: no shipping address provided) the same as canceled orders for purposes of inventory adjustments. 
  • Updated the Product History tab to include the user name when inventory adjustments are made via a Products CSV upload. 
  • Resolved an issue with non-Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) SKUs that were not importing or linking to the ShippingEasy Products catalog if their ASIN was shared by an FBA product/listing. 
Customer Management:
  • Changed two of the customer status values in Customer Management. “New” has been changed to “Recent” to more accurately reflect that the buyer has made a purchase within the last 120 days. “Aged” has been changed to “Inactive” to more accurately reflect that this status reflects no sales within the last 120 days. Learn more about what your customer status values indicate.
  • Updated the page that shows specific buyer details to display the word “Sent” for email messages that have been sent but are awaiting confirmation of receipt by the buyer’s email service, instead of blanks. Learn more about what your email status values indicate.
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