Select the Contacts for a Regular Campaign | How To

When preparing to send a Regular Campaign, you will select a list of customers who will receive the email. This is your target audience.

Creating a specific target audience is all about segmentation. Within ShippingEasy, there are many ways that you can segment your customers. For example:

  • New customers
  • Repeat customers
  • Spent over a certain dollar amount
  • Bought a specific SKU
  • Live in a specific geographic area

While not an exhaustive list, this gives an idea of how you can define your Contacts Lists. With a carefully selected Contacts List, you're able to tailor your marketing message to be most relevant to their personal preferences and buying experience.

If you are setting up an Automated Campaign and need help configuring the rules, take a look at our guide to selecting customers for an Automated Campaign.

Select the Customers for a Regular Campaign

    1. Click the MARKETING tab and select CONTACTS.
    2. Select the customers you want to include on the list.
      TIP: use the filters to refine your list of customers, then select all at once. Learn more.
If you want to update an existing list:
  1. Click the Add to Lists button and click + Create New List.

  2. Enter the name of the list and a brief description. Then, click the blue Create List button.
    If you want to update an existing list:
      • Click the Add to Lists button and click the name of the list you would like to add contacts to.
  3. Now you're ready to use this Contact List to send a Regular Campaign. From the navigation menu, click the MARKETING tab and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS.

  4. On the CAMPAIGNS page, use the filters to the left to select campaigns still in draft.
  5. Locate the template you will use for the Regular campaign. Click the template name.
  6. Click the "Audience" tab at the top to navigate to see your available lists
  7. Choose the Customer List you just saved.
    NOTE: if you do not see the List field then you may be setting up an Automated Campaign instead. Learn more about Automated Campaigns.
  8. Check the rest of your Campaign configuration. Then opt to Save or Send it. Learn more.

That's it! For more tips on building a Regular Campaign, check out the links below.



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