What tools are available to customize a Campaign template?

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Creating content for your marketing messages can often take time and be a tedious process. That doesn't need to be the case if you are subscribed to Customer Marketing. With ShippingEasy's built in drag and drop template editor, creating your own e-mail marketing content has never been easier!

NOTE: Please review these notes before editing your template.

  • If you have not started drafting a template, check out the guide for creating a Campaign template.
  • Some features of the template editor will not work when using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
    For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • ShippingEasy upgraded the template editor on September 26, 2018. Previously created templates can be edited using the previous editor. Click on the link on the top left of the old editor for more information.
    While it is not possible to convert existing templates over to the new editor, you may consider pausing any active campaigns and setting up a new campaign.

Once you have selected a campaign to edit, you will see a tabbed menu of the areas within your campaign that you can edit. It is divided into two sections: Content and Body.


Click through these tabs to learn more about the following tools:

How to: Insert Content

The content tab contains several drag and drop features that allows you to create a professional looking email template with minimal effort.


To insert content into your template:
  1. Use the information below to choose the content element you wish to insert into the template.
  2. In the template editor, click on the element in the menu and drag it to the desired position in the template.
button_cm_editor.PNG BUTTON This allows you to add buttons to your template. You can modify the color of the button, the text contents, the roundness of the button, as well as inserting a link to take your customers to your website.
divider_cm_editor.PNG DIVIDER A simple divider to help segment various portions of your email providing a easy-to-read, clean feel.
html_cm_editor.png HTML Allows you to enter custom HTML. Great for pasting in designs made elsewhere, or for advanced users who can design by using code.
image_cm_editor.png IMAGE Allows you to insert an image into your template. The image may either be uploaded directly from your computer, or be a link to an image already hosted on a website.
NOTE: Custom images must be JPG, GIF or PNG format and no larger than 1 MB.  Images wider than 480 px will require mobile users to scroll to see full images.
social_cm_editor.PNG SOCIAL Allows you to add your social links into your template with built in social icons. Choose from a wide variety of options and provide your customers with easy access to your social platforms.
text_cm_editor.PNG TEXT The text field allows you to enter blocks of text. Choose from up to 25 fonts, and personalize your message by clicking the "Personalize" option on the text formatting toolbar.
video_cm_editor.png VIDEO This allows you to insert a YouTube or Vimeo video directly into your e-mail. Simply add your YouTube/Vimeo link after adding the video into your template.

How to: Format Content

Once a content element has been added into the template, it can be edited.

  1. Within the template editor, on the right, click on the content element you wish to format.
  2. The content menu will reveal a format menu specific to the type of element. In this example we edit an image element.
  3. Use the formatting tools to customize how the element displays in your template.

How to: Insert Rows

Rows are an easy way to allow you to group your content. There are a variety of ready-to-use row formats, including those with multiple columns to show multiple sections of content at once.

In the campaign, hover over the area you wish to add a row and click the word "Row" once it appears:

In the template editor, click on row format you wish to use and drag it to the desired position in the template. This will create a new line for you to add content to your template.

How to: Format Rows

Once a row has been added into the template, the following can be edited:

  • Background color of row
  • Background image of row
  • Padding
  • Background color of column
  • Insert content into cells
To format rows:
  1. Within the template editor, on the right, click on the row you wish to format.
  2. The row menu will reveal formatting options. Use this to adjust how the row displays in your template.
  3. If you wish to add in content elements, see the above sections about content.

How to: Format the template Body

The body section of the editor allows you to quickly edit the background of the entire template, the width of the template, and the font used throughout the entire template. This tab is mostly used for making large changes at once.


How to: Personalize with Variables

Want to deliver a personalized message to your customers? Using variables, you can easily create content that speaks directly to your customer and includes information on their order.

In the body of your email, you can insert fields using a special syntax. Each field variable is enclosed in curly brackets: {{ }}.

For example: {{buyer.full_name}}

When ShippingEasy creates the email, it will substitute in the correct value for that field. These values are pulled from your orders and store settings.

There are a wide variety of different field variables that ShippingEasy can substitute in for you. You can copy and paste these variables directly into the message of the email, wherever you would like them to appear


NOTE: because a variable is available to insert into a template does not guarantee that your customers or store has this data. If the data for a variable is not available, the field will be blank in the template. Be particularly mindful of this limitation if you upload your own customer lists.
Store Variables
Address {{store.address}}
Email {{}}
Logo {{store.logo}}
Name {{}}
Packing Slip Message {{store.packing_slip_message}}
Phone {{}}
Store Name {{store.store_name}}
Website {{}}
Website With Protocol {{store.website_with_protocol}}
NOTE: For LuLaRoe customers, any templates that reference "Visit our Facebook Page" are going to use the {{store.URL}} variable controlled by the website listed in store settings.


Customer Variables
Address Line 1 {{buyer.address_line_1}}
Address Line 2 {{buyer.address_line_2}}
Country {{}}
Email {{}}
First Name {{buyer.first_name}}
First Order Date {{buyer.first_order_date}}
Formatted Full Address {{buyer.formatted_full_address}}
Full Name {{buyer.full_name}}
Last Name {{buyer.last_name}}
Last Order Date {{buyer.last_order_date}}
Order Count {{buyer.order_count}}
Phone {{}}
State {{buyer.state}}
Status {{buyer.status}}
Total Spend {{buyer.total_spend}}


Order Variables
Product Recommendations {% product_recommendation count: 3, heading: 'You may also like…' %}
Contact URL {{order.contact_url}}
Feedback URL {{order.feedback_url}}
Order Date {{order.order_date}}
Order Number {{order.order_number}}
Total Items {{order.total_items}}
List of Items {{shipment.line_items | sort: 'name' | columns: 'sku|qty|item name|price|total'}}
Request Item Review {{ shipment.line_items | include_only: 'has_product_url' | sort: 'name' | columns: 'image | name | review button', ' - | valign:middle | - ', 'no_header' }}


IMPORTANT: Confirm that your contact information is correct.

Store Information:

It is required that you disclose a valid, physical postal address in marketing emails to comply with anti-spam legislation. Be sure your account details are up to date with the correct information reflected in the email.

This information is automatically populated with the Store Addresses information on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page:

Social Media:

Most templates include links to update your social media accounts. Be sure to add your company's social media links to the corresponding icons when editing the template:



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