What tools are available to customize a Campaign template?

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ShippingEasy offers nearly limitless options to customize your Campaign emails.

TIP: open the guide for creating a Campaign template in a separate browser window.

The tools available for modifying the email content are:

Format Tool Bar

The formatting tool bar includes most of your standard design options. Scroll through the table for details on each option.

Bold  Applies Bold formatting to selected text.
Italic  Applies Italic formatting to selected text.
Underline  Applies Underline formatting to selected text. 
ffl.png Font Family  Applies specified font family to selected text. 
Text Size  Applies specified font size to selected text. 
cpd.png Color  Apply text or background color to selected area. 
Alignment  Control alignment of selected text or objects. 
itc.png Insert Table  Insert a table.
Bullets Add numeric or dot bullets to a list.
Hyperlink  Insert links to website URLs.
ii.png Insert Image Insert image from a file, URL, or the Image Library.
Undo or Redo Action Quickly reverse an action or reapply an action that was removed.
Full Screen Expand editor to full screen.
HTML Display a list of keyboard shortcuts.
HTML View template in an HTML editor.
*To save changes made in the HTML editor, click the icon again to return to the WYSIWYG editor and click Save.


In your email you can insert fields using a special syntax. Each field variable is enclosed in curly brackets: {{ }}.

For example: {{buyer.full_name}} 

When ShippingEasy creates the email, it will substitute in the correct value for that field. In this example, the name of your customer. These values are pulled from your orders and store settings.

Each campaign template includes CTA buttons that are coded in HTML and can be customized with color and text. Services like will give you the code to copy/paste into your template.

There are a wide variety of different field variables that ShippingEasy can substitute in for you. Variables are available from the menus in the tool bar.


NOTE: because a variable is available to insert into a template does not guarantee that your customers or store has this data. If the data for a variable is not available, the field will be blank in the template. Be particularly mindful of this limitation if you upload your own customer lists.

To insert a field variable: Click in the body of the email with your mouse. Then select the option you need from the Variable menus. Variables can also be typed using the special syntax.

NOTE: variables can also be copied from this article and inserted into the Subject Line, From Display Name and Reply To Email fields. The only variable available for the Reply To Email field is the Email {{}} variable. 
Store Variables
Address {{store.address}}
Email {{}}
Logo {{store.logo}}
Name {{}}
Packing Slip Message {{store.packing_slip_message}}
Phone {{}}
Store Name {{store.store_name}}
Website {{}}
Website With Protocol {{store.website_with_protocol}}
NOTE: For LuLaRoe customers, any templates that reference "Visit our Facebook Page" are going to use the {{store.URL}} variable controlled by the website listed in store settings.


Customer Variables
Address Line 1 {{buyer.address_line_1}}
Address Line 2 {{buyer.address_line_2}}
Country {{}}
Email {{}}
First Name {{buyer.first_name}}
First Order Date {{buyer.first_order_date}}
Formatted Full Address {{buyer.formatted_full_address}}
Full Name {{buyer.full_name}}
Last Name {{buyer.last_name}}
Last Order Date {{buyer.last_order_date}}
Order Count {{buyer.order_count}}
Phone {{}}
State {{buyer.state}}
Status {{buyer.status}}
Total Spend {{buyer.total_spend}}


Order Variables
Product Recommendations {% product_recommendation count: 3, heading: 'You may also like…' %}
Contact URL {{order.contact_url}}
Feedback URL {{order.feedback_url}}
Order Date {{order.order_date}}
Order Number {{order.order_number}}
Total Items {{order.total_items}}
List of Items {{shipment.line_items | sort: 'name' | columns: 'sku|qty|item name|price|total'}}
Request Item Review {{ shipment.line_items | include_only: 'has_product_url' | sort: 'name' | columns: 'image | name | review button', ' - | valign:middle | - ', 'no_header' }}

Custom Images

Custom images can be added to your email from:

NOTE: custom images must be JPG, GIF or PNG format and no larger than 1 MB.

Images can be added from the Insert Image menu in the toolbar.


Alternatively, you can just drag and drop an image file from your computer to the section of the email where you want the image.

Images can be resized in the editor by clicking the image and then using your mouse to drag one of the blue corners. The precise image dimensions can also be set using the HTML editor.

TIP: images wider than 480 px will require mobile users to scroll to see full images.

IMPORTANT: Confirm that your contact information is correct.

Store Information:

It is required that you disclose a valid, physical postal address in marketing emails to comply with anti-spam legislation. Be sure your account details are up to date with the correct information reflected in the email.

This information is automatically populated with the Store Addresses information on the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page:

Social Media:

Most templates include links to update your social media accounts. Be sure to add your company's social media links to the corresponding icons when editing the template:


If you have problems that require extra assistance, feel free to reach out to our team.

Anyone can post questions in the comments, to the left, and the ShippingEasy Customer Success team will gladly assist.

ShippingEasy accounts on a paid plan will find additional resources in the upper left corner in app.

1-512 | Email | Chat

Fully registered accounts may email, call, or chat with our team.
Trial accounts may email or call.


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