How to: Customize a Campaign template

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ShippingEasy offers nearly limitless options to customize your campaign emails. 

Using one of the email templates provided by ShippingEasy, you can design a custom template. The tools available for modifying the email content are:

Format Tool Bar

Bold  Applies Bold formatting to selected text.
Italic  Applies Italic formatting to selected text.
Underline  Applies Underline formatting to selected text. 
ffl.png Font Family  Applies specified font family to selected text. 
Text Size  Applies specified font size to selected text. 
cpd.png Color  Apply text or background color to selected area. 
Alignment  Control alignment of selected text or objects. 
itc.png Insert Table  Insert a table.
Bullets Add numeric or dot bullets to a list.
Hyperlink  Insert links to website URLs.
ii.png Insert Image Insert image from a file, URL, or the Image Library.
Undo or Redo Action Quickly reverse an action or reapply an action that was removed.
Full Screen Expand editor to full screen.
HTML Display a list of keyboard shortcuts.
HTML View template in an HTML editor.



In your email you can reference fields using a special syntax: 


When ShippingEasy creates the email, it will substitute in the correct value for that field - in this example, the name of your customer. There are a wide variety of different field values that ShippingEasy can substitute in for you.
They are available from the variable menu in the tool bar: 

Customer Variables:




To insert a field value, click in the body of the email with your mouse, and then select the option you need from the Variable menu.   

Custom Images

Custom images can be added to your email from:

Images can be added from the Insert Image menu in the tool bar: 

Alternatively, you can just drag and drop an image file from the file explorer on your computer to the section of your email where you want the image:

Images can be resized in the editor by clicking the image and then using your mouse to drag one of the blue corners.

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