How to: Select a Campaign template

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When you create a new campaign, you have three choices to use as a starting point for the email message you want your customers to receive:

  1. The email used in one of your previous campaigns. These are shown under the My Campaigns tab:


  2. One of the example email templates provided by ShippingEasy. These are shown under the Campaign Gallery tab:


    ShippingEasy provides a variety of different templates that are designed to look good regardless of whether your customer views the email on a desktop, tablet, or phone. The example templates provide a variety of options, with different image orientations, text coloring, and column layouts.

    The images and text in each example template are just placeholders - to learn more about how to replace the example content with your own, read How to: Customize a Campaign template.

  3. A blank email template. Choose this option by clicking the Start with Blank Template tab.

After you have selected a template, you will need to customize it so that it contains the exact email content you want. To learn more, read How to: Customize a Campaign template.


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