How to: Create a Campaign template

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So much of the potential of a Campaign lies in the content you send to your customers. Learn more about Campaigns.

You want the Campaign to capture your audience's attention and to look great on any device. By using ShippingEasy's simple editor, you can achieve this in three (dare we say) fun steps:

  1. Select a template. Build on a past Campaign, personalize one from the Campaign Gallery, or start from scratch.
  2. Customize the template. The simple editor makes this easy. 
  3. Preview your design. See how the Campaign will look across a variety of viewing devices.

To select a template:

We've made it easy to select a Campaign template that'll get you off on the right foot.

  1. From the blue navigation bar, expand the MARKETING tab and select AUTOMATED EMAILS.
  2. In the bottom center of the page, click the Create an automated email campaign button.
  3. On the NEW CAMPAIGN page, you'll find three choices to use as a starting point for the email message you want your customers to receive.


    • My Campaigns: these are your saved Campaigns. Select one of these to build on one of your earlier Campaigns.
    • Campaign Gallery: these are ready-to-customize templates that our team at ShippingEasy has prepared for you. These provide a variety of options, with different colors and layouts, in the following categories:
      • Automated Emails
      • Sales & Discounts
      • Newsletter
      • Seasonal & Holiday
      • Welcome & Follow-Ups

      Each is designed to look good regardless of whether your customer views the email on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Making it your own is easy - just replace the images, text, and links. Use an option from the Campaign Gallery as a launching point for your next big idea!

    • Start with Blank Template: there's nothing quite like starting with a blank slate. Use the design toolbar to build the Campaign template to fit your precise vision.
  4. Select the tab that best describes where you want to start.
    • When starting from a template: select the "My Campaigns" or "Campaign Gallery" tab. Then locate the template you want to build on. Clicking the template will show you a preview of the template. Click the blue Choose button to get started.
    • When starting from scratch: on the "Start with Blank Template" tab, click the blue Start Editing button to get started.

To customize the Campaign template:

When working on your Campaign template, make sure that first and foremost you know what action you want your customers to take after opening it. Then design around that purpose. The design toolbar makes it easy to customize the design elements. Learn more about template design tools.

Also decide if the Campaign will be sent once (One-Time) or dripped (Automated). One-Time Campaigns are sent to a specific list of customers once. Automated Campaigns are sent continuously to customers who fit a predefined profile. Learn more about the differences between these types of Campaigns.

How you approach customizing the Campaign template will vary depending on where you start.

If you are building on a saved My Campaigns template:

When building on a previous Campaign, consider how well the Campaign performed in the past. Use this learning to enhance the design. Anything that under performed is any opportunity to try something new. Learn more about evaluating past Campaigns.

If you choose to use a template from the Campaign Gallery:

It's important to remember that the images and text in each example template are just placeholders. You will need to customize it so that it contains the exact email content that you want. This includes replacing images, text, and links to reflect your brand and product focus.

If you are starting from scratch:

The sky is your limit! A fast way to use elements from Campaigns that you've sent in the past, perhaps even through different software, is to copy over the HTML code. Find this, and more options, on the design toolbar. Learn more.

To preview the template:

As you work through your design, be sure to Preview it. Especially before you send it! The Campaign preview will allow you to see how the email is going to look on different devices: desktop, tablet, mobile. Since you never know where your customers will engage with your brand next, it's best to optimize your message for all possibilities. Learn more about previewing a Campaign template.

Once you've completed your Campaign template, it's time to send it! Based on the type of Campaign template that you built, click through for the next step: Send a One-Time CampaignSetup an Automated Campaign


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