What is a Campaign?

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Campaigns are an easy and powerful to use tool for sending email messages. You can use campaigns to keep in touch with your customers so that they know about:

  • Sales and special offers
  • New products
  • Price changes
  • Products that are being discontinued

These are just examples - you control the content of the email so you can create campaigns to cover any topic!

For each campaign, you need to decide three things:

  1. What content will the email message contain? For example, a special promotional offer could contain images of one or more products and a coupon code. A newsletter, on the other hand, might provide information about new products or products that are being discontinued.

  2. Which customers will receive the email? You can segment your customers a variety of ways - total amount spent, frequency of purchase, geographic area, specific products purchased, and more. 

  3. When will the emails be sent? You can send the emails for a campaign as soon as you create the campaign or schedule for a specific date/time in the future.

To create a campaign, refer to how to create a campaign.


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