Prevent your eBay listings from ending when out of stock | How To

If you often have products that sell out of stock for short periods of time, but you plan to continue selling them when you receive more inventory, you should not end your eBay listings. Instead, you can configure each of your listings in eBay so that they remain active with an available quantity of zero. 

For ShippingEasy to send inventory updates to your eBay store, SKUs in your Products catalog must be linked to active product listings in your store. This ensures that when stock levels change in ShippingEasy, those levels can be updated and reconciled in your eBay store. By keeping your listings active, ShippingEasy is able to update your eBay store as soon as additional stock becomes available. Learn more about linking product SKUs

There are two settings that need to be configured within eBay to prevent your listings from ending:

  • Enable the Out-Of-Stock option
  • Set the listing duration to Good Til' Canceled

How To: Enable the Out-Of-Stock option in eBay:

  1. Log into your eBay store. 
  2. Select Accounts > Site Preferences from the top navigation bar. 
  3. Under Selling Preference, select the Show link next to Sell Your Item Form and Listing.

  4. Select Yes to Use the Out-Of-Stock Option then click Apply


    You have now enabled the Out-Of-Stock option. Next, you should review your listing duration. 
    Note: When the Out-Of-Stock option is enabled, it is automatically applied to all new and existing listings.

How To: Set the Listing Duration to Good Til' Canceled in eBay:

  1.  Select Create Listing to make a new listing. 

  2. On the create listing page under Selling Details set the Duration to Good Til' Canceled

  3. Select List Item.


    Your listing has now been updated to Good Til' Canceled

    Note: The listing duration is a setting within eBay that cannot be changed once the listing has been saved. If the listing duration has not been set to Good Til' Canceled for an existing listing, then you will need to end that listing and recreate. 

Once these settings are enabled in eBay, if available stock for a product reaches zero, your listing(s) will continue to remain active. When a product's listing is in the 'out-of-stock' (zero quantity) status, it will not be displayed in eBay search results, until the stock level increases above zero. When stock is added in ShippingEasy, and the matching inventory in eBay is updated, the listing will register as 'in-stock' again.


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