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Campaign editing tools are open to all ShippingEasy users. We welcome you to
explore the Customer Marketing solution and discover new ways to reach customers.

ShippingEasy makes it simple to send a regular email marketing campaign to a specific set of customers. This is great when you have a message that you need to communicate just once to a selected list of customers.

NOTE: if you prefer to send a recurring email to your customers after their orders download or are shipped, set up an Automated Campaign instead. Learn more about Automated Campaigns.
Before sending a Regular Campaign, prep the following:
  1. Create a Campaign template. Learn more.
  2. Compile a Customer List. Learn more.

These are the elements you can customize in a Regular Campaign:

  • Body of the email
  • Subject line for the email
  • List of customer contacts
  • Name to display in the email's From field
  • Reply-to email address

To send a Regular Campaign:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Detail page - from the template editor or from the CAMPAIGNS page.
    From the template editor:
    1. Finish up any editing on your template.
    2. Click the Send Now button.
    From the CAMPAIGNS page:
    1. Go to MARKETING and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS from the navigation menu. 

    2. Click the "Create Campaign" button to the left of the page.
    3. Select Regular in the Campaign Template modal.
    4. Give your campaign a name, then select Continue.
    5. On the CAMPAIGNS page, locate the template you will use for the Regular Campaign. You'll find five choices to use as a starting point for the email message you want your customers to receive.
      • Themed Templates: these are ready-to-customize templates that our team at ShippingEasy has prepared for you. These provide a variety of options, with different colors and layouts, in the following categories:
        • All
        • Sales & Discounts
        • Newsletter
        • Seasonal & Holiday
        • Welcome & Follow-Ups

        Each is designed to look good regardless of whether your customer views the email on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Making it your own is easy - just replace the images, text, and links. Use an option from the Campaign Gallery as a launching point for your next big idea!

      • Branded Layouts: This layout builder automatically pulls your brand colors from your website, and allows you to further assign your logo and social media links to use in all future layouts used. Any edits to these settings will not override existing campaigns. Learn how to edit Branded Layouts.
      • Layouts: These templates are already formatted with well-placed text and image boxes that make it easy for you to customize the content.
      • My Campaigns: these are your saved Campaigns. Select one of these to build on one of your earlier Campaigns.
      • Blank Email: there's nothing quite like starting with a blank slate. Use the simple drag and drop editor to build the Campaign template to fit your precise vision.
    6. Select the tab that best describes where you want to start.
      • When starting from a template: select one of the campaign template tabs or the "My Campaigns" tab. Then locate the template you want to build on. Clicking the template will show you a preview of the template. Click the Select button to get started.
      • When starting from scratch: on the "Blank Email" tab
        Click the Start Editing button to get started.
    7. On the Campaign Editor page, customize the campaign to fit your specific brand. Learn more about how to customize a campaign.
    8. As you are working, select Save periodically to save your work - this will help you avoid losing any edits. When you are finished, click Save & Continue.
    9. On the Audience Page, select an Existing customer list by clicking the radio button next to the list you want to use. Contact_List_Radio.png
      If you do not have a contact list already created, you can create one by selecting "Create New Manual List". Learn more about creating a contact list. New_Manual_List.png
      You can also select to use the Engaged Customers List at the top.Engaged_Contacts.png
      TIP: ShippingEasy automatically updates the Engaged Contacts list with customers who have made a purchase or opened an email within the last 180 days. Choosing this list will help you reach your most engaged segment of customers as well as avoid the spam folder.
    10. On the Regular Campaign Confirmation page, you will see your customer list indicated in the Send To field.
      Specify a Reply To Email address, a From Display Name to show in the email's From field, and the Subject Line for the email.
      • Reply To Email: this is the email address where any of your customer responses will be sent
      • From Display Name: this is what your customers will see as the sender of the email. You can customize the name, but the sender email address will always be
      • Subject Line: this will be the first thing your customers see when they receive your email. Keep it short and attention-grabbing! You can insert an emoji by pressing:
        • For Mac: command + control + space
        • For Windows: Windows key + ; (semicolon)
    11. The Campaign can be sent immediately or delayed until later.
      To send the emails for the Campaign right now:
      • Click the Send Immediately radio dial and then click the Send Now button. Please keep in mind that the actual sending of the emails will take some time.
        NOTE: If you have not subscribed to Customer Marketing, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to activate this feature. Click the button in the pop-up to begin your subscription.
      • A modal box will appear with a review of ShippingEasy's performance requirements. Confirm the requirements and click "Send Now".
      To send the emails for the Campaign at a specific date and time in the future:
      1. Click the Send at a specific time radio dial and then click Schedule.
      2. Select a Delivery Date and Delivery Time. The date and time can be anytime in the future. As long as Customer Marketing is active on your subscription at that time, your Campaign will be sent.
      3. Click the Schedule button.

    Once your email has been sent, you'll want to monitor the results of the Regular Campaign.



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