How to: Send a One-Time Campaign

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ShippingEasy makes it easy to send a one-time email marketing Campaign to a specific set of customers. This is great when you have a message that you need to communicate just once to a selected list of customers.

NOTE: if you prefer to send an recurring email to your customers after their orders download or are shipped, setup an Automated Campaign instead. Learn more about Automated Campaigns.
Before sending a One-Time Campaign, prep the following:
  1. Create a Campaign template. Learn more.
  2. Compile a Customer List. Learn more.

These are the elements you can customize in a One-Time Campaign:

  • Body of the email
  • Subject line for the email
  • List of customer contacts
  • Name to display in the email's From field
  • Reply-to email address

To send a One-Time Campaign:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Detail page - from the template editor or from the CAMPAIGNS page.
    From the template editor:
    1. Finish up any editing on your template.
    2. Click the blue Review & Send button.
    From the CAMPAIGNS page:
    1. From the blue navigation menu, expand the MARKETING tab and select NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS.
    2. On the CAMPAIGNS page, locate the template you will use for the Automated Campaign. Click the template name.
  2. For Campaign Type, select One-Time Campaign.
  3. Specify the Subject Line for the email, a From Display Name to show in the email's From field, and a Reply To Email address.
    • Subject Line: this will be the first thing your customers see when they receive your email. Keep it short and attention grabbing!
    • From Display Name: this is what your customers will see as the sender of the email. You can customize the name, but the sender email address will always be
    • Reply To Email: this is the email address where any of your customer responses will be sent

  4. From the List field, select the Customer List that you compiled for this Campaign.

    TIP: if you have not created a Customer List yet, choose the option to Create a new list.

    This will direct you to the ALL CUSTOMERS page. Learn more about creating a Customer List. Once you have created the list, click the return to your campaign link on the ALL CUSTOMERS page to navigate back to your Campaign.


  5. The Campaign can be sent immediately or delayed until later.
    To send the emails for the Campaign right now:
    • Click the Send Now button.
      NOTE: the actual sending of the emails will take some time.
    To send the emails for the Campaign at a specific date and time in the future:
    1. Click the Schedule button.
    2. Select a Delivery Date and Delivery Time. The date and time can be anytime in the future. As long as Customer Marketing is active on your subscription at that time, your Campaign will be sent.
    3. Click the Schedule button.

Once your email has been sent, you'll want to monitor the results of the One-Time Campaign. Learn more.


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