How to: Create a Campaign

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There are three simple things you need to create a campaign:

  1. Create the content for the campaign - this is an email message that has the information you want to send to your customers.

  2. Select which customers will receive the email from a campaign. You can easily segment your customers into lists - within a campaign you will select a customer list to specify which customers receive the email. 

  3. Determine when to send the emails. You can send the emails for a campaign as soon as you create the campaign or schedule for a specific date/time in the future.

To create a campaign navigate to the email template selection page from the Customer Management dashboard or the Campaigns page.

From the Customer Management dashboard:

Click the CUSTOMERS tab in the blue navigation menu and click the blue Create an Email Campaign button. 


From the navigation bar:

Click the CUSTOMERS tab in the blue navigation menu, select CAMPAIGNS from the drop down menu, and then click the + Create Campaign button.


After your campaign has been created and sent, to learn about monitoring the results read How to: Monitor the results of a campaign.


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