Release Notes thru 2017-05-09


  • Store order downloads requested by clicking the Sync link on the ORDERS page are prioritized higher than scheduled downloads.
  • Adjusted stores display in the Sync list on the ORDERS page to display in the same sequence as the Stores filter.
  • Adjusted the Sync link on the ORDERS page to only display if the ShippingEasy account has at least one active store that can actually have orders downloaded via sync. 
  • Added a new variable for the packing slip template language: name_and_product_options. This is for use only in the list of line items for an order and would typically be used instead of the name variable. The name_and_product_options variable displays each product option on a separate line. Learn more.
  • Resolved issue where a state abbreviation that included both upper and lower case letters was not correctly interpreted during customer CSV upload.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue where an order download from eBay that results in a new product catalog listing was not correctly linked when using Inventory Management.
  • Resolved an issue where orders at Amazon did not release committed inventory.
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