Release Notes thru 2017-05-02


  • Added support for display of Item SKU or Item Name on FedEx (int’l and domestic) and UPS (domestic only) labels. Item SKUs and Names will appear and function exactly how they do for the USPS labels: if the quantity is >1, the quantity is in parentheses before either the SKU or Description. Item SKUs and Names are separated by commas. If truncated due to character limit then the list ends with "etc." Learn more. Note that display of the shipment’s order number in the Reference (“REF”) field on FedEx labels is also now available. Learn more.
  • Added support for Etsy SKUs. If a merchant’s Etsy listing has an SKU, then that SKU will be displayed on the ORDERS page and in Packing Slips and Pick Lists. If the SKU does not have an entry in the ShippingEasy Product Catalog, it will be added. Learn more.
  • Added new option for displaying additional information about Bundled Products on a Packing Slip. Our existing bundle display on the Packing Slip did not include the warehouse location. This new bundle_details feature will display the parent SKU in bold text, indent the bundle SKUs under it, and will include the warehouse location for each bundled SKU. Learn more.


  • On the Shipping Rule definition page, changed “Purchase and print label” to “Purchase and print label (InstantLabel)".
  • Added more events to the Event History display; these are all order related: downloaded, uploaded, edited, split, combined, rule applied.
  • Resolved issue with Event History entry that was created when a shipping label was purchased via a shipping rule. 
  • Adjusted the green “Print” button on SHIPMENT HISTORY or READY TO PRINT pages to not display when a batch of labels is purchased on READY TO SHIP using Print Later and then subsequently printed from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. 
  • Added the ability to reconnect via the Store settings page if an Etsy store disconnects.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented rate quotes on the ORDERS page for orders that came from a legacy 3dcart store.
  • Resolved download issues that occurred when downloading a large number of orders from PayPal stores.
  • Added the ability to send an update to the store upon request if no carrier is specified on an order that is marked as shipped on the ORDERS page.
  • Updated the set time of an order to midnight of the time zone on the date specified if an upload of orders via CSV contains an order date without a time value. 
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