How to: Customize UPS domestic shipping labels

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ShippingEasy supports selecting one of four custom label optionsto be displayed on UPS domestic shipping labels, in the REF1 and REF2 fields.

Each custom option will display the matching order information on your shipping label:

  • Order Number
  • List Order Items (Item Name)
  • List Order Items (SKU)
  • Amazon PO #
NOTE: Custom labels are not available for UPS International, UPS Mail Innovations and SurePost. 

To choose your UPS label options:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS >> LABELS

  2. Scroll down to "UPS Domestic Label Option"
  3. Use the menus for REF1 and REF2 to select from the following custom label options:
    • Order Number
    • List Order Items (Item Name)
    • List Order Items (SKU)
    • Amazon PO #
    • Blank

Example UPS label options:

Each of the custom label options selected for REF1 and REF2 will display the matching order information on the shipping label.

Order Number - example within REF1 field


Amazon PO #

This label option will auto populate your order number on the label for easier picking. Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_5.24.41_PM.png   This option displays the Purchase Order (PO) number of Amazon Business orders on domestic shipping labels.
List Order Items
In addition to auto populating your order number on the label, it will also print a pick list directly on the bottom of the label. The pick list is based on order items/products and references each of the SKUs in your order.
NOTE: The SKUs and/or descriptions displayed on your label are limited to 35 characters. If your order items/products exceed the character limit then "..." will be displayed. In this instance you might want to generate a more detailed pick list for your order. Learn more about pick lists.
Items SKU - example within REF2 field
  Items Name - example within REF2 field
Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_5.26.00_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2017-05-02_at_5.30.42_PM.png

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