Release Notes thru 2017-04-18


  • Added additional ConnectEasy events listed in the Event History display. Now instead of just an event to show that a print job was sent to ConnectEasy, additional events are shown as the print job makes its way to the printer. 
  • Added suppression of the display of Shopify custom product properties that have a name that begins with an underscore character. Learn more. 
  • Enhanced our query API to support store order ID values.
  • Implemented a change to not create an additional invoice if there is already an invoice on a Magento v2 order.
  • Improved the correct display of custom options for Magento v2.
  • Corrected creation of invoice on shipment notification for Magento v1.
  • Added the display of an entry, if needed, for DHL Global Mail in the “Carriers” filter on Shipment History.
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