Release Notes thru 2017-04-11


  • Added “Purchase and Print label” as a new option for shipping rules. Selecting this option will cause ShippingEasy to immediately print the shipping label if a rate quote is available for the order. 
  • Updated the single check box option for creating a shipment via a shipping rule to three radio buttons: Send to Orders page (the default), Send to Ready to Ship, Purchase and print label. Learn more.
Inventory Management:
  • Added ability to select products in bulk and create a purchase order directly from the products page. This makes it easier for merchants who order multiple products from the same supplier to select the products they want and then with a single click create a purchase order. Learn more about adding multiple products to a purchase order.


  • On the Subscription & Billing page, added an indicator to show that Amazon Prime label support is enabled. 
  • Added retrieval of the name of the requested shipping service for Magento 2 orders from the shipping_description attribute instead of shipping_method. 
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue where products downloaded from a store could encounter an error that blocked the subsequent download of orders from the store. 
  • Updated Amazon to use the specific marketplace identifier when importing products for a store, instead of defaulting to the first marketplace the customer configured.
  • Resolved an issue where an aliased SKU is removed from the parent product and the committed stock is not released. 
  • Resolved an issue where an aliased SKU is removed from a product and the product link is not deleted. 
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