Release Notes thru 2017-04-04


Inventory Management:
  • Added ability to Import Products from Amazon stores. Now, merchants can more quickly update their Product catalogs with their Amazon listings. Learn more.
  • Added support for aliasing SKUs within a store. Now, a product can be listed multiple times in the same store. Each listing can be cross referenced in ShippingEasy with a SKU Alias. Then, when any of the aliased Products are sold, stock levels are adjusted for all listings. Learn more.


  • Resolved an issue filtering the Products catalog. Now, unchecking a filter option removes the filter with a single click.
  • Resolved issues filtering by Product SKU on the ORDERS page.
    • Specifically, when the Product SKU contains a comma. Now, the ORDERS page Product SKU filter will return results when the SKU contains a comma.
    • Specifically, when filtering for multiple Product SKUs and if any resulting orders contain at least two of those SKUs. Now, the ORDERS page will show the correct count of displayed orders.
Customer Management:
  • Resolved an issue filtering the Customers list. Now, unchecking a filter option removes the filter with a single click.
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