Can I assign multiple SKU Aliases from the same store?

Yes! When selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, it is common to create multiple listings for a single product. If you have multiple listings for the same product, then you can alias each listing to point to the one inventory record in ShippingEasy.

NOTE: ShippingEasy will only update one product listing per Product SKU. If you have multiple listings for the same product, on the same store, then each listing must be assigned a unique Product SKU.

Benefits to using SKU Aliases when products are sold under multiple listings, on the same store:

  • Stock levels are updated across all aliased product listings when a sale is made on one listing.
  • Improved reporting on your Product sales.

To configure SKU Aliases in ShippingEasy for related product listings:

  1. Each listing in your store should have a unique Product SKU.
  2. One of these Product SKUs should be designated as the master Product SKU and saved within ShippingEasy. Make a mental note of which is the master, or create a unique Product SKU that is dedicated to this purpose. Learn how to add new Product SKUs.
  3. Edit the master Product SKU and add each of the listing Product SKUs as a SKU Alias. This will cross reference all of the Product SKUs to each other. Learn how to set up SKU Aliases.



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