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 1. Management Setup Progress Progress bar showing how far along you are setting up and utilizing all the features of Inventory manager. There will be list of items next to your progress. As you complete each item, you’ll see a green checkmark populate and your progress percentage will increase.
2. Products

Quick links to sections of your Products:

  • View Product
  • View Low Stock Products
  • Add Products
  • Upload Products
  • Export Products
  • View Product Categories
  • Add Product Categories


 3. Purchase Orders Quick links to sections of your Purchase Orders.
  • View All Purchase Orders
  • Create Purchase Order
  • View Partially Received POs
 4. Suppliers Quick links to sections of your Suppliers
  • View All Suppliers
  • Add Suppliers
 5. At a Glance Display

Snapshot of the following:

  • On Hold Orders
  • Low Stock Items
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Cost of Open Purchase Orders
 6. Inventory Management FAQs Links to our Knowledgebase Articles to help answer any questions that come up when using the Inventory Management feature. This section also includes a link and phone number to schedule a call with our support team.  
 7. Reports Quick review of the Inventory specific report options and option to navigate to them directly.
  • Inventory Status
  • Inventory Low Stock


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