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Sometimes you may run across an error while purchasing labels. This guide contains some of the more common errors. If you see the error you have encountered, expand the section to learn more about resolving it. If you are having trouble buying a label, see our guide to troubleshooting purchasing labels on READY TO SHIP.

Did you receive a different label error? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Due to the current status of your account, you cannot print or purchase funds

This postage account has been suspended by You will need to contact to recover the account. Learn more about unsuspending a postage account.

Purchase failed. Account exception Exception with code 0x00560102; module 86, category 1, item 2

You may encounter this error when trying to purchase a USPS label via your postage account. To resolve the error, contact Stamps at 1-888-434-0055.

NOTE: you will need your account information. Learn how to find your account credentials.

Missing or invalid element: ReplyPostage

Return labels are easily purchased on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page to include in your orders. Learn more.

However, when you create a return for a Military or US Territory address, or for a Priority Mail Express shipment, you will see this error on the READY TO PRINT page:


You cannot create prepaid returns for Military and US Territory addresses or Priority Mail Express shipments in ShippingEasy. We recommend that you clearly state in your return policy that you do not cover return postage on these shipments and that the buyer will be responsible for all associated costs.

Missing or invalid ship to address

Character Limit:

If the address lines have too many characters, it may cause the label to fail.

Review the address lines to shorten the characters according to the carrier limits:

Ship date past

If you have an order on the READY TO PRINT page that has been there for over a day, you may receive an error indicating that the ship date is past and it cannot be printed.

To move past this error, click the retry button next to the label.
This will send the order back to the ORDERS page where you can re-select your carrier selections and print the label.

Remove foreign language characters in the address to continue or try again later

As a first course of action, try waiting and then attempting to print the label later.

If that does not work, then check the address for any foreign language characters and removing or replacing them.


More questions about label errors? Learn more about retrying failed labels.

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