Release Notes thru 2017-03-28


  • Added a new feature: Sub Accounts. With Sub Accounts, a single ShippingEasy account can manage multiple carrier accounts. In addition, carrier accounts can be associated with specific stores. Then, shipments from each store are automatically assigned to the correct carrier accounts. Sub Accounts are most useful for fulfillment companies, who ship for multiple merchants. Learn more about Sub Accounts.
  • Added a new Shipping Rule action: Split All Line Items. When applied to an order, the order is split by line items. For instance, an order with 3 line items will result in 3 new orders, having 1 line item each. Learn more about Shipping Rules.


  • Added new search options to the PRODUCTS page: UPC, ASIN, and ISBN.
  • Enhanced the Split Quantity option on the ORDERS page. Now, it is possible to create multiple orders so that the end result split can be more than just two orders. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue affecting new store integrations. Specifically when the store address received from the external store platform is invalid. Now, when an address cannot be validated, the store address must be manually entered.
  • Resolved an issue updating rate quotes on the ORDERS page. Specifically when the order weight is edited on the ORDERS page. Now, once the weight is edited, the rate quote on the ORDERS page will be recalculated.
  • Resolved an error displaying international rate quotes. Specifically when a ShippingEasy account has not created Endicia carrier accounts. Now, ShippingEasy will quote the international rates associated with the subscription's rate type. Learn more about discounted rates.
Inventory Management:
  • Added new filter option to the PRODUCTS page: Suppliers.
  • Resolved issues receiving stock on a Purchase Order. Now, double-clicking a "Receive" button will apply incoming stock once. This is also true when separate users click a "Receive" button in separate browsers. Learn more about receiving stock on a Purchase Order.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Purchase Orders which contain SKU Aliases. Now, the correct Awaiting stock levels are applied to the parent SKU. Also, the Purchase Order is Completed once Received in full.
  • Resolved an issue impacting Bundled SKU stock levels. Specifically, when a Bundled SKU is removed from an order. Now, the stock is correctly moved from Committed and back to Available.
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