What does Event History show me?

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ShippingEasy keeps track of specific events as orders are processed and shipped. For example, when an order is included on a pick list or has a shipment label created.

Information about these events is available in ShippingEasy and can be helpful when you are trying to determine why a shipment label printed (or did not get printed).

The Event History page allows you to easily search for events that have occurred within the last three months. You can search for a specific order or a batch of shipments. You can limit the search to events that resulted from actions taken in ShippingEasy by a specific user. You can also limit the search to a specific date range. Note: the maximum date range you can search is 30 days. 

Information is available about these events:

Event Description
Generate Pick List An order was included in a pick list created on the Orders page
Generate Packing Slip An order was included in a group of packing slips created on the Orders page
Buy & Print A shipping label was purchased on the Orders page, using Buy & Print
Quick Ship A shipping label was purchased with Quick Ship
Print Later from RTS A shipping label was purchased on Ready to Ship with the Print Later button
Print Now from RTS A shipping label was purchased on Ready to Ship with the Print Now button
Finish and Pay from RFP A shipping label was purchased on Ready for Payment with the Finish and Pay button
Print to PDF A label, packing slip, or pick list was printed, resulting in display in a new browser tab
Sent to ConnectEasy A label, packing slip, or pick list was sent to ConnectEasy for printing
Bundle print job Multiple labels, packing slips, or pick lists were printed together
Clear Print Queue The Clear Print Queue button was clicked on the Ready to Print page

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