Release Notes thru 2017-03-14


Inventory Management:
  • Added support for inventory stock adjustments when orders are edited in ShippingEasy. Now, stock levels update based on the following types of order edits within ShippingEasy: increase or decrease line item quantity, add new line item, or remove existing line item. Increasing or adding quantities will commit stock. Decreasing or removing quantities will make more stock available.
  • Improved the information available in a Product SKU's "History". Now, ShippingEasy displays greater details about each inventory adjustment. Details show if the adjustment is due to the following: a change within ShippingEasy or the store, or the order was cancelled, shipped, or edited.
  • Resolved issues adjusting inventory stock levels.
    • When Product SKUs are added or removed from a Bundled SKU: Now, ShippingEasy will create a definition of each Product SKU when the order is synced or created. The definition preserves the Product SKU and Bundled SKU conditions initially found on the order. If the order line items are later edited, inventory adjustments are made using the order specific definition.
    • When an order is split, and then duplicated: Now, no inventory adjustments are made when an order is duplicated. 
    • When an order is split or combined, and then edited: Now, inventory stock levels are correctly adjusted for the actual quantities committed and shipped.
    • When a manual return label is created: Now, no inventory adjustments are made when a manual return label is created.
  • Resolved an error displaying the Low Stock Alert. Now, the Low Stock Alert is not displayed for inactive Product SKUs.
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