How to resolve Electronic Trade Documents error message from FedEx

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Fedex allows you to process Electronic Trade Documents (ETDs) to make international shipping easier, however not all destinations accept these electronic submissions. If you are trying to ship to a destination that does not allow for this and you have this option selected in your FedEx settings, it will need to be turned off to generate your label.

The error message on READY TO PRINT will read:

MESSAGE FROM FEDEX: Electronic Trade Documents are not allowed.

Follow these steps to turn off and then turn on your ETDs.

  1. Go to Settings >Postage and Carriers
  2. Select Manage account next to the FedEx integration.
  3. Deselect the option to Send Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) and select Save
  4. On the READY TO PRINT page, select the failed labeled and click Retry.
  5. Clear the order from READY TO SHIP to get it back to the orders page to reset that page with your new settings.
  6. Re-add the label to READY TO SHIP and purchase. Don't forget to print your documents separately following our guide.
  7. Re-apply your settings by going to Settings>Stores & Orders>FedEx>Manage Account and checking the box next to Send Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)? 



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