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The PRODUCT DETAILS page in ShippingEasy allows you to review and edit your individual products. You can navigate there by clicking on the Product SKU from the PRODUCTS Page.

Once you are on the PRODUCT DETAILS page, you will see identification and stock information about your product:

  1. Track Inventory: This allows ShippingEasy to track your inventory as orders are placed. Can be turned on or off.
  2. Send Inventory Updates to Stores: This allows ShippingEasy to send inventory updates to your store(s). Can be turned on or off.
  3. Item Name: The name of your product along with any descriptors you have included.
  4. SKU: The stock keeping unit you use to identify your product(s).
  5. SKU Alias: Additional SKU assigned to the product to help differentiate similar products being sold on separate stores.
  6. Total Stock: Listing of how many are in stock, available to ship, committed and awaiting shipment.
  7. Total Available: The total amount of stock you have available for sale.
  8. Send to Store: This allows you to send your current stock level for this product to your store.
  9. Add SKU Alias: You can add a SKU alias to your product without having to go into the Edit screen.
  10. Edit: This allows you to edit the product specific details listed down the right side of the page. Learn more.
  11. No Stock History: This yellow indicator means that there has never been a Stock value entered for the product in ShippingEasy. If a product has this indicator, stock updates to your stores are halted until a valid Stock value has been entered. Learn more.
There are five additional sections that give you details about your product



This tab displays stock levels across various states of shipping.product_stock.PNG

  1. Stock: The total amount of stock you have on hand. Note: this is the available stock and committed stock counted together.
  2. Available: The total amount of stock you have available for sale.
  3. Committed: The total amount of stock you have committed to orders that have not yet been shipped.
  4. Awaiting: The total amount of stock you have ordered, but not yet received from your supplier(s).
  5. Threshold: Pre-set stock level meant to trigger alert, notifying you when a product has reach a certain limit and needs to be replenished or made unavailable. Learn more.
  6. Safety: Amount of stock you always want to have on hand to add a barrier in the event you oversell a product. Learn more.



This tab gives a quick view of more characteristics about the product your are viewing, including international shipment, barcode information and bundle products details.


On the Suppliers tab, you can view current assigned supplier details and assign a new supplier to your product.



Any changes to stock levels will be recorded on the History tab, including whether the change was positive or negative to the quantity. Change description will be recorded along with a timestamp to show when the change happened.



The store type, name of the item on the store, SKU, product recommendation URL and last store updates will show here. Products that are linked to 2 or more stores will display all active stores here. Learn more.



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