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The SUPPLIERS page is part of ShippingEasy's Inventory Management suite. Use this page to review and manage your Suppliers.


1. Filters

Multiple options to search and filter Suppliers:

  • Keyword Search: Look up Suppliers by Name, in part or full.
  • Active: Filter Active or Inactive Suppliers.
  • Location: View Suppliers located either International, Domestic, or by All locations.
  • Results per page: Filter the quantity of Suppliers shown to top 100, 200 or 500.
2. Add Supplier Go to ADD SUPPLIER page to add new suppliers to your account. Learn more.
3. List of Suppliers

View Supplier details at a glance. The "Name" column can be sorted. Supplier data includes:

  • ID: unique to ShippingEasy Suppliers catalog
  • Name
  • Website
  • Primary Contact
  • Tax ID
  • Resale License
  • Payment
  • Last Modified


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