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In order to use Purchase Orders, you must have the Inventory add-on. Existing Inventory Management subscribers will still have the ability to use the features specific to Inventory Management, however, we are no longer supporting new subscribers.

ShippingEasy simplifies purchase orders by enabling you to generate Purchase Orders and re-order your items directly in ShippingEasy. The Purchase Orders page allows you to review and edit any purchase orders that you’ve created on your account.


1. Filters
  • Keyword: Lookup Purchase orders via order ID  
  • Status: View All, Open orders, Closed orders, Not Received, Partially Received, or Fully Received 
  • The number of products that show per page. Options include:
    • 100
    • 200
    • 500
2. List of Purchase Orders

See your purchase orders at a glance. Simply click on the column you want to sort by and your purchase orders will be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Purchase Order column data includes:

  • ID
  • Date
  • Suppliers
  • Status
  • Received 
  • Expected
  • Total
  • Terms
  • Shipping
  • Contact
  • Actions, where you can select to:
    • Email the purchase order
    • Open it in PDF
    • Edit the purchase order
    • Duplicate the purchase order
3. Create Purchase Order   Create a new purchase order.



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